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Social Sounds From Planet Dub

basscomesaveme & Sereno SoundS, 2015

Are you ready to do something good by listening to good music? To allow the content of this post to our friends from other countries, i’ll write this one in english. Finally we can present to you our Charity Project Social Sounds From Planet Dub, that features 18 tracks from international Dub & Reggae Artists to help Refugee Kids in Germany.

The Idea for the project came late 2014, when a dark wave of the radical right-wing called PEGIDA (patriotic Europeans against the islamification of the occident) came over Germany. To fight against this foolishness and ignorance, we had to build a sign and help Refugees that had to leave their country. After asking some artists from the basscomesaveme Contact List and others, we just got positive Feedback for this idea. We had the luck to get some serious Tunes for this Compilation, finding a really good social Project in the region of Thuringia, Germany and after 4 months of planning we can proudly present to you this Project called: SOCIAL SOUNDS FROM PLANET DUB

[soundcloud url=“https://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/95142061″ params=“auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true“ width=“100%“ height=“450″ iframe=“true“ /]

The Compilation features some heavy Tunes, lots of them are unreleased Material and Tunes that been produced for this Project. We begin with a Song by High Smile HiFi outta Switzerland, who teamed up with oldschool toaster Capra Dread from Italy. On Social Rub A Dub you’ll get a nice Digital Dub Riddim that is topped by some social chants. From England we have a deadly combination that is formed by Choepak Dubs, Shaman Dubs and Interrupt. The England Riddim provides us with some heavy UK Style, that keeps you jumping. Back in Germany we have the mighty iLLBiLLY HiTEC with Longfingah and Tribuman. The Song Head Up, we all know, was remixed and bassed up to maximum by the man called Max Powa. You don’t know about hungarian Dub? Then better check out Du3normal, whos dubbin both, the Buda and the Pest, to keep it in Move. For Real Early Argonaut Sounds outta Glasgow were getting some of the nicest vocalists from St. Lucia to rebell against Babylon and the ruination of a beautiful morning for a sake of a likkle bag of sensi! Jahtari’s Naram comes up with some Lo-Fi on the Ibis Riddim, that was recorded straight pon tape. The Basskateers outta Jena City are dubbing it ina fine stylee on the wonderful Der Heide. Blue Hill from Athens built a huge Steppers Riddim. The german vocalists I-Rebel and Vibe Key are riding this one with some heavy lyrics that shake up your brain and let you dance all night. Kuriooki and T-Jah, some of the finest Dub Producers from Chemnitz, are letting out a black panther that is crawling pon your iron roof. Wanna know how that sounds, ha? Dubin Hood made a tribute to Lucky Dube, by building a Dub Riddim out of his classic Think About The Children. Sparky Riot are doing some social dub madness on Eviction. WhoDemSound is represented by J.Robinson & King Kobra and gives some Mediation Style on Step Inna Dance. We have to Legalize It, is the Friendly Fire Band singing. Goosensei built a huge Dub Version out of this Song and get’s some help by Ilias Lintzos. SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL landed their spaceship in Africa to connect with TheManilaDreadHornsSociety. On DubSquezzeYuh they give thanks to the roots and show us some spaced out madness from Planet Dub. Toni Wobble from Leipzig’s mighty Plug Dub Soundsystem produced an uplifting Tune that disputs with the daily struggle you gonna have, living in a city and gives praises onto Jah the almighty. The vocals on Inna City Live are coming from Hamburg’s Lizz Light and Youness outta Morocco. In France we have the Dubverzion Soundsystem, who are coming with the Space Mix of their Mr. DJ. The one and only Dub(-step) group from Berlin Braintheft show who they are on the deep Nuskool Rulz. Last but not least we have the Ambient Dub Machine Hemisphere Dub. The Missing Of Dub feautures the singer Bonnie Legion and is recorded pon tape.

You see this is a true international Project with a big variety of Artists and Styles in Dub.

The Cover Art is coming from the well talented graphic designer Martin Monstre from Marburg. Massive Thanks to him for this nice work.

The Charity Project gonna last until the End of 2015, additional there gonna be different Events in Jena and Erfurt. (More Info soon)

All the income goes to a 100% to the projects Single spoke promotion and intensive language course for refugee kids and the Radioproject (Kids are doing their own radio show) at the Kindersprachbrücke, Jena.

The Kindersprachbrücke Jena e.V. is a free carrier of the youth welfare, founded 12 years ago by engaged students . The aim is to support children with non-german background such as children who have german as their mother tongue, in their development of Language-, Media- and Social skills. The offers from the Kindersprachbrücke are beginning at primary school age, to ensure chance justice. Moreover the Kindersprachbrücke is a partner for organisations that want to open theirselfes in an intercultural way.

Social Sounds From Planet Dub is now available as Digital Download on bandcamp. A CD-Release that is limited to 100, is planned for May. Share this post with your friends and family to help Refugee Kids in Jena.

Download Social Sounds From Planet Dub @ Bandcamp

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