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Ab sofort könnt ihr unsere kommende Compilation vorbestellen!

We’re happy to present you the third BCSM cassette tape. We gathered all our friends and family to join the Sub Signals and bring you the heat right in to your boombox.
The 18 track compilation showcases the musical range of the
basscomesaveme universe. From rootical dubwise over heavy
soundsystem steppers to experimental bass music and otherwise business. Exclusive productions and versions from the ones like T-Jah, Bukkha, Beam Up, Jah Schulz, Dub Across Borders, ToniWobble and many many more are ready to get unleashed. Nice up the vibes in this serious times and let the bass come save you!
All profit from this release will go to all artists involved.

Sub Signals will be out on limited cassette tape and digital.

This release is a BCSM EXCLUSIVE and will only be able direct from us at

SUB SIGNALS [Cassette] PREORDER – Basscomesaveme


SUB SIGNALS | basscomesaveme (bandcamp.com)

01 Beam Up – Babni
02 Dub Across Borders – Babti
03 Dub Shepherds & Joe Pilgrim – Life Is Easier (T-Jahs Vocal Dub)
04 The T-Jah Dub Orchestra – Ganjapesto (Discomix)
05 Toroki & Isayah – Jah Calling
06 The Monotrones feat Yugo Taguchi – Golgo 13
07 Toni Wobble – Like A Fish (Melodica Version)
08 Abba Ismail & Beli feat Miles Won – Creation
09 Small Town Dubz – Creation
10 Jah Schulz – Dub Generator
11 Basskateers – Da Spring Thing (Drum N Tubby Version)
12 Dub Across Borders feat Canaan I – Sensi I-Wah
13 Kuriooki – Simplifoniczingis
14 Bukkha Meets Joyful Lion – Triton
15 Seahorse – Histrix
16 Goosensei – Mash It Dub
17 Bhed – Mond
18 Teh Furunkles – Forest Stone Hill

Mastering by LXC at Alphacut
Artwork by Dubby T.

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