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Preorder Goosensei – Into The Unknown EP

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We’re happy to present Goosensei’s first solo EP on BCSM Records.
Goosensei presents four new tracks – influenced by dub and soundsystem culture, underground bass music and his surroundings in Birmingham, UK: thunder and grey skies, speaker boxes and King Earthquake basslines, the industrial past of the city – smoke … and (r)evolution is in the air. So get ready for a hard hitting trip through bass and sound on Into The Unknown.

The limited 12″ vinyl record comes with special artwork designed by Goosensei himself. For the extra sub pressure, LXC mastered all tracks to the fullest.

Comes with handstamped Labels and screenprinted karton sleeve.

OUT March 31st here and worldwide 4/20!

Written, Produced & Artwork by GOOSENSEI
Mastered by LXC

Preorder Goosensei – Into The Unknown EP at BCSM Shop

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