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PREORDER Christine Salem & Dub Across Borders – Kadjembawe 7“ Vinyl

Ihr könnt ab sofort das neue Release auf BCSM Records vorbestellen.

Get ready to unleash another fine release on BCSM Records. We present you a powerful tune and version by singer Christine Salem from Reunion Islands and danish dub wizard Dub Across Borders (DAB), combining the best of world music and dubwise business.

The characteristic, deep and powerful voice of Christine Salem first made its way to the speakers in the Dub Across Borders studio one winter night in 2018. Through a musical friendship in Brazil, DAB was presented with a recording of one of Salem’s live concerts. Instantly, the stripped down vocal/percussion style arrangements of the songs resonated with a raw authenticity and nerve which sparked inspiration. Shortly after, with a sort of ‘bootleg-approach’, DAB was found reworking the song “Kadjembawe” into a heavy dub version, adding several other instruments like, organ, bass, guitars, etc. Some years later when the rework had gone rounds with friends and alike, it was presented to the Swiss bass clarinet virtuous Eloi Cálame.
From his studio in Switzerland he then transcribed and recorded the horn arrangements with trumpeteer Jaronas Hoehener. After many e-mails with Christine and her management, the song being reborn into its dubby self. Then it was presented to Tino from BCSM who took charge in the endeavour to present it to the world.

The song ‚Kadjembawe“ is an ancient incantation to connect and pay hommage to our ancenstors.

The song and version will be out as a BCSM pre-release on 19/12/23 on limited 7“ vinyl and digital.
Worldwide release gonna be 12/01/24

Music by Dub Across Borders
Vocals by Christine Salem
Bass Clarinet by Eloi Calame
Trumpet by Jaronas Hoehener
Mastering by LXC
Artwork & Design by Dubby T.

Preorder Dub Across Borders & Christine Salem – Kadjembawe 7“ Vinyl @ BCSM Shop

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