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420 Special & Basscast by Big Breeze

Passend zur Teillegalisierung in Deutschland und dem heutigen 420, hat sich Brudi Big Breeze mächtig ins Zeug gelegt und kommt mit ’nem ausführlichen Artikel über Ganja Tunes und einem 420 Basscast – woohoo! Beides gibt’s nach dem Klick!

As many other countries, also Germany finally overthrew its repressive cannabis legislation. Since April 2024, Germany has overturned its repressive cannabis legislation, allowing adults to legally consume and cultivate up to three plants. Therefore, this is the perfect time to present you with an article on ganja tunes. Moreover, feel free to tune in to some of my favorite ganja tunes on this 420 mix I prepared for basscomesaveme. The first part of the mix contains mostly roots reggae, some digital reggae and rounds of this selection with some modern roots. The second part of the mix brings the best in vocal-heavy ragga jungle.

Although there is no strict definition of ‚ganja tune,‘ these songs generally focus on cannabis consumption, cultivation, or distribution, offering a rich narrative environment. They contain many stories about the weed of wisdom. Since the beginning of reggae music, these songs have become an indispensable tool for any selecta who wishes for a change of air in the dance. While these tunes provide entertainment, they often convey deeper messages. Especially in roots reggae it becomes apparent, how deeply cannabis is rooted in Jamaica as folk medicine, a recreational tool and a means of income. Moreover, ganja tunes illustrate that the herb has become itself a symbol of resistance, clearly denouncing injustices towards the working class and Rastafaris in particular, who suffered disproportionately by racist, colonial laws.

The powerful protest songs did not only achieve huge success in Jamaica, they became an export hit, too. As some of the most insistent promoters of cannabis and its culture, reggae artists brought ganja into every corner of the world. Further, it is unmatched how they pushed the weed into the public sphere along with claims for legalization. The partial legalization of cannabis in Jamaica in 2015 is undoubtedly affected by this contribution to the cause.

If this short introduction aroused your interest, I can recommend you to read the full-length article on ganja tunes HERE . The article aims to sketch out the manifold dimensions of the songs. It offers a brief historic perspective on cannabis use in Jamaica, the Rastafari movement and its ties with cannabis. The main section consists of an analysis of ganja tunes and their most common motives. Even though it is just a tentative approach, the article provides an introduction for everyone who wants to learn more about this unique topic.

Finally, it’s important to remember that cannabis can still pose potential risks and should be used responsibly. We encourage you to reflect on your own consumption habits and to seek assistance if needed. Use it, don’t abuse it!

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Text: Big Breeze

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