Felinto – Futuro Antigo Perp​é​tuo [Cassette]


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Kaledoscopic digdub fractals that radiate light and dark onto scattering drumskins, intersecting trumpet lines bouncing of the wooooooosh of pedals in overdrive – struck by a blur of Sao Paulo’s leading hands in a dizzying trip through the psychedelic sound experience.

The funds raised from the sales of the album will be donated to support women incarcerated in the last remaining building of what was once Latin America’s biggest penitentiary complex. Find out more about the work Mulheres Possíveis do with incarcerated women here:

C30 cassettes in recycled apricot shells, 3 panel J cards on 300gsm eco-natural 100% recycled light brown/grey card. Artwork: Douglas Leal




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