Ossia – Live At Iskorka 05/2021 [Cassette + Mag + Photos]



A time capsule from a forest near Bryansk, Russia, early May 2021 – recorded live at the Iskorka festival, served with photo prints taken in the area, as well as photocopies of the original festival info flyer.

Edition of 100 tapes capturing Ossia’s a raw recording of the first time on stage after roughly 15months ‚time off‘ during lockdown.
Roughly 60minutes of exclusive live performed material made for the occasion.

Edition of 100.
60 minutes run time.
Apricot tape shells with white onbody print.
Served in zip lock bag, with photo prints and photocopy of festival info flyer with set times and map of the site + secret offline order form & diy artwork for another ossia tape.
Designs taken from the Iskorka festival artwork, layed out for the tape design, by Studio Tape-Echo.



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