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Prince Istari meets Erik Satie – Inna Heavy Dub Encounter [Vinyl LP]


The earliest musical memories of young Prince Istari are of his mother beautifying the home with her piano playing. She would repeatedly play the tranquil pieces of Erik Satie. Skipping school and sitting in the sun, young Prince would listen to these catchy, calm compositions. In the first week of 2024, the older Prince Istari rediscovered himself and found a box containing his mother’s old sheet music. He transferred them to his computer and began spinning dub versions from them. It became a tapestry. As his mother used to say: „To weave a net, one must first spin.“ The form of the pieces dictated the direction each would take. The heavy dub transforms here into a light weightiness until it dissolves into a pure piano piece accompanied by a synthesizer. However, the last piece is much older, from the time when Prince was still known as Istari Lasterfahrer. The ending includes a distorted recording of Huberta, Prince’s mother, playing a Gnossienne by Satie. At the end, she turns the sheet music, and the record can be turned back to the beginning.

Limited to 200 records

Sozialistischer Plattenbau, 2024