Toni Wobble – Dub Come Strong [12″ Vinyl]


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Our first release in 2020 is coming from Toni Wobble, who is providing four versions in a heavyweight dubwise style.

The Leipzig based dub enforcer is one of the founding members of Plug Dub Soundsystem. He is also running the solar powered Sunplugged Soundsystem, to prove that he can create his music on his speakers with responsible generated electricity.

Besides dubbin‘ it up behind the control tower, his second home is the Knagge Studio were Toni is producing some fine reggae and stepper riddims to dub them in an original dubplate style with a 32 channel analog mixing desk and eight magical effects on each of them. Toni is also presenting his sounds in a live context and soundsystem sessions.

This record showcases four heavy tunes by Toni Wobble who mark his diversity as a musician and producer as well his dub mixing skills that bring his productions into the next dimensions. Fresh riddims that hailing to the roots, superb sample-ism, deep atmospherics plus nuff wobble and bass are waiting to get unleashed on this limited 12” record. Are you ready to explore the wobble on this far out dub excursions? Because these cuts will show you how


For the ultimate sound experience, all tunes on this record are mastered by LXC of Alphacut, so you know this gonna be a blast, we highly recommend to enjoy this record on a heavy soundsystem.

Support your local soundsystem culture!

The artwork is inspired by Toni’s studio and comes handstamped on every record, which is limited to 300 copys worldwide.

Digital release at

Mastering: LXC at Alphacut
Artwork: Dubby T.

All tracks are produced by Toni Wobble at Knagge Studio, 2020
BCSM004, C + P basscomesaveme



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