Wareika Hill Sounds – Wareika Hill Sounds [Vinyl LP]


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Deep Journey best described by the veteran himself: ‘I was born and grew up in D’Aguilar Town, Eastern Kingston, at the foot of Wareika Hill. I came up playing with Tommy McCook’s Supersonics, and The Skatellites. I was the first trombonist of Count Ossie’s Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari. My first popular instrumental was Lambs Bread Collie, which I recorded with The Light Of Saba. So we play, so we learn, melodies and sound go on and on, the limit of Jah is unquestionable…’

Honest Jons Records, HJRLP104


Coconut Head Special
Uhuru Pujama
Tears In Exile
Sweet Incense
Jamaica Is Reggae Land
Joseph C


Queen Of Sheba
Africa Freedom March
One People Version


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